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61F Bimetal Fuse Limit 

The 61F 3/4'' bimetal disc temperature limit controls offers reliable one shot operation at temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). Utilizing the same bitmetal temperature sensing principle as the 60T automatic reset control.  A wide variety of terminal and mounting configurations are available to give you maximum design flexibility.  Rated for electrical loads up to 48 Amps at 600VAC , these temperatures limit controls provide unsurpassed over-temperature protection in a non-resettable design.

  • Special Kapton insulation insulator for application voltages up to 600VAC
  • Single operation for reliable, non resettable, temperature limiting
  • Single pole single throw
  • Enclosed or exposed disc for either increased thermal response or protection from airborne contaminants
  • Surface mounting, airstream mounting
  • Wide variety of terminals
Temperature Calibration
  • Maximum calibration temperature
    • 350°F (177°C )
  • One shot operation of bimetal disc prevents automatic reset of control at temperatures above -31°F (-35 °C)
  • See data sheet (Product Download Tab) for detailed temperature calibration information
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cooking
  • Heating
  • Laundry
  • Water Heater
Agency Ratings
  • UL /CSA
    • 600VAC/48 amps/1 cycle
  • See data sheet (Product Download Tab) for detailed ratings information including maximum calibration temperatures for Agency electrical ratings.